Special campaign for Covid-19 appropriate behaviour being launched today to ensure 100% mask usage, personal hygiene and sanitation

A special campaign for Covid-19 appropriate behaviour will be launched today. It will emphasise on 100 per cent mask usage, personal hygiene and sanitation at public places, workplaces and health facilities. The special campaign will be organised till 14th of this month.

At a high-level meeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had emphasized that awareness of the community and its involvement is paramount for sustainable COVID-19 management. In a presentation made during the meeting, it was highlighted that there is an alarming rate of growth of Covid-19 cases and deaths in the country.

AIR correspondent reports that some of the main reasons for the rapid rise in COVID cases can be attributed to the severe decline in compliance of Covid-appropriate behaviour, primarily in terms of use of masks and maintaining ‘2 Gaj ki Doori’.

Therefore, government is launching this special campaign to emphasise the need for covid-appropriate behaviour in the coming days. For sustainable COVID-19 management, awareness and involvement of the community are paramount. There is a need to continue public participation and public movement for COVID-19 management.

The five-fold strategy of Testing, Tracing, Treatment, Covid-appropriate behaviour and Vaccination would be effective in curbing the spread of the Pandemic.

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