5 ways to enhance your Vocabulary

Having a robust vocabulary is extremely important for building effective communication skills. It is the key to reading comprehension, as a reader will only understand what he is reading fully if he knows what the words mean. The power of words is essential for effective communication, which helps an individual be successful in all three – his personal, academic, and professional life. Building your vocabulary is not possible in a day, but practicing and improving it is possible over a period of time. Remember, the better your vocabulary is, the more precise you are in your communication skills. These few things can be added to your daily routine if you are trying to improve your vocabulary-

  1. Develop a reading habit – Reading improves your vocabulary and develops your communication skills. It is an exercise for your mind, as reading helps you keep in touch with the words you already know, its correct usage in sentences and also helps you learn new words. Start by making a list of the books you want to read. With that, inculcate the habit of reading newspapers, blogs, posts whenever you get time. Books are also very useful in inducing a positive mindset and build your confidence.
  2. Start using your dictionary – Be it a pocket dictionary or even an application on your phone, make it a habit to always keep one with you. Lookup for the new words that you come across while reading a book or maybe when listening to a podcast. It is very essential to make a mental note of the words you search for so that you can use them in your conversations.
  3. Start using new words in conversations – Remember the words not used are words lost! Simply memorising words will not help you if you do not try using them in your sentences. This helps in practicing the art of word choice and with a little practice, you can ace the usage of words in the correct context. Try doing this initially in low-stake situations and with friends and family. You can also keep a note of interesting words and form sentences to start practicing yourself.
  4. Use games and applications available on your smartphones – Nowadays we have access to unlimited applications and games on our phones which can help us improve our vocabulary. Take out time to play these games which involve finding words, solving puzzles, and many more such interesting activities to help you improve your vocabulary while you’re having fun.
  5. Subscribe to ‘Word of the Day – You might just feel indolent to keep looking up for new words yourself – and that problem is looked after too. There are quite a few websites that provide you the option to subscribe to their – ‘word of the day’. Once you subscribe, you will get a notification containing a new word via message or email every day at a specified time. Getting a new word every single day helps you learn the meaning, usage, and history of the word and hence build your vocabulary.

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