Educate children regarding gender equality

Children can be very easily molded into the person we want them to become when they grow up. Teaching them about gender equality, consent could go a long way in shaping our country’s future.

They learn what they see, for example, when they see both their mother and father sharing work equally, they will learn the same thing. So you must watch your own behavior too as your kid might be observing you and learning from you. Your child needs to learn to respect women at any cost. The future generation could lead our country into becoming a safer country for everyone.

Ask any of your women friends and they would surely tell you about at least one uncomfortable incident they had to face, be it verbal sexual harassment or unwelcome sexual touching, or cyber-sexual harassment. How is that acceptable, our women not feeling safe to even step out of their houses alone after sunset, not feeling safe in traveling alone? Shouldn’t this be a privilege for all genders, to travel and explore places without worrying about getting raped or getting sexually assaulted?

If we want the present scenario to be changed WE have to make this change happen. We should start at our own houses, our kids.

  1. The most important thing that our children should be taught is the meaning of consent.  Before forcing them to study algebra, science, etc., teach them that they can never, in any way force themselves onto a woman. If your child knows that seeking consent is the most essential thing, congratulations! You have successfully made our country’s future safer for our women.
  2. The next thing they should be taught is basic household work. This is a common occurrence everyone of you must have noticed that whenever guests come to visit us, you ask your daughters to bring water and snacks for them, Why? All the women, even those women who have come as a guest, go to the kitchen to cook or to bring snacks. Is it not everybody responsibility to look after our house, cook, clean, who decided that only women are responsible for that part?
  3. They see and learn. When children notice their fathers abusing their mothers or any other women, they observe these things and in no time they become that horrible person who doesn’t know how to maintain decency in front of women and how to show respect to them.
  4. Teach them that women can be better than them at everything they do and that they should be given equal opportunity to do everything. You can teach them the same by treating your sons and daughters equally.

Imagine a country where women can wear whatever they want, they can travel alone, they feel safe with other men, where they are treated equally, sounds beautiful right?                                                  When your children grow up and your daughters feel safe in this country, and when you see your sons respect women, then you will feel proud of yourself and your parenting.