Death is so much feared among us. We believe it to be the end of our existence. But in truth death is neither the complete end nor it should be feared of. It’s just the end of the physical body, in reality, the soul is undying.

Spiritually, death is just a point of transformation. A phase where our ceaseless souls leave our physical body and enter into another fresh life.
Death, near-death experience, or past life memories are some of the very fascinating and lesser-known dominions of human psychology.

Dr. Brian Weiss, through his book ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ has narrated his real-life therapy sessions with one of his patients and tried to share with people whatever spiritual knowledge he gained during this period.

Dr. Brian is a prominent psychiatrist practicing in Miami, Florida. He is the former Chairman of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Centre in Miami.
In this book, Dr. Weiss has penned down his experiences with his young patient Catherine who suffers from recurring nightmares and chronic anxiety attacks. Dr. Weiss observing the gravity of her problems decided to do hypnosis on her, during which Catherine recalls her past-life experiences.

In this superconscious state, Catherine enlightens Dr. of much important information on mysteries of the mind, the continuation of life after death, and the influence of past life experience on the current behavior.

The book ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ is a very beautiful and enriching description of a true experience. This book detangles a lot of mysteries about death, the after-death phase, reincarnations, and many other things which are substantially perplexing dominions.
Dr. Weiss tries hard to verify whatever knowledge Catherine channelized him with the scientific works and theories of other prominent psychiatrists.

This experience not only brought a drastic change in Dr. Weiss and Catherine’s life but will also leave a deep imprint on you. This thing book of just 210 pages has so much knowledge hidden and so great an effect to leave within you.