Obesity and Social Life



Obesity and body-shaming has been something which people often pass through in their social life, be it at school, at home, at parties and social gatherings, etc. At schools and colleges, children are bullied either when they are extremely thin or when they are extremely fat. The first thing ever a person tells once they meet another person is that you have become thin or you have become fat. It has also come to an extent where movies, especially bollywood movies, have an appeal in front of the audience when the actor or actress depict their six-pack abs, etc. All of these is graphics work done via a computer, hardly a few of the actors genuinely spend time at the gym and their body in-order to be fit. People feel good to share their photos and videos of the work-outs they have been doing, but when it comes to sharing a photo of the outfit in which they look fat or thin, they think a million times and end up not posting and more than that, feeling embarrassed about showing their physical true self. They often think it will lead to hateful and embarrassing comments and will lead to breakdown in them.

Obesity is surely an issue, no doubt about it, infact the person who suffers from it actually has other health issues and other mental issues too which he//she is going through. We should understand that not all men and women will look the same and that we should accept the body type we are. Infact, if we start accepting ourselves for the way we are, there won’t be any word as such existing as that of thin and fat, because we won’t be conscious on our body to that extent that we start telling to ourselves that I aem fat or I am thin, maybe I should reduce weight, etc. The mockery of people over the fact that they are fat or thin, etc. often will lead them to increasing body dissatisfaction, increase in stress levels of getting through the rough period, low and poor self-confidence because of excessive mocking, change whether increase or decrease in the appetite due to unhealthy eating habits. More often, people who mock do not understand that the person’s family upbringing, their health control and background have a huge effect on them and has an impact on their body structure. Some people would tend to overthink a lot, thus, is very thin, because, the person does not eat in time, does not exercise, does not perform his daily routine activities, etc. If that particular person is mocked at, whether in school, college or any other place of social activeness, it will have an impact on the individual’s well being. SImilarly, if the person is not being mocked for his/her size, weight, etc. a that particular individual will not compare himself/herself with anybody and will feel happy for the way he/she is.

Our surrounding too does have certain impact on our well-being. If we are surrounded with people who keep mocking for the body structure, etc. be it to men or women, that particular individual who is being mocked at will get into depression, start observing himself/herself more often than necessary and will start becoming rebellious toward their daily routine and will affect their well-being as they will cut off from their social life. In contrast, if the person is surrounded with people who accept the way he/she is, that particular individual will stop overthinking on himself/herself, will have more focus on his/her daily task, will stay fit and healthy because his surrounding itself is healthy and positive.

To conclude, one can say that obesity and social life has always been a cause of concern as one has always been criticized for the body that they have and one should be thoughtful before shaming other people on their apperance.

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