social media influencers: what you need to know

social media is now like a breathe in our lives. No matter how hard we try to hate it or love it, but everyday we end up there and there also some people who spend most of there time for marketing and advertising several brands. There is a term for them which is social media influencers. Nowadays, our youth gets inspired towards many of the materialistic things and the social media influencers help brands to advertise their product to more and more people. Many of us follow different celebrities and public figures because we get attracted towards their work and lifestyle. Companies and us clients are getting many benefits because of the influencers. We trust them because of the reputation and good work around the world which makes them believe them that yes this product will be the good buy because my favourite actors,models etc advirtising for it. There are some new startups and brands too which right now can’t afford the big celebs so they go after new influencers to advertise their products, which is a successful strategy.

Everything has positive and negative impacts on the society so now let’s talk about negative aspects now. Yes, it’s true that social meia influencing has some negative aspects too. Encouraging you to buy wrong products or fake products from fake brands because unless we won’t throw our money on their products their company won’t grow. It’s been observed that many influencers fooling people for the hefty amount of money, company paying them. It should be under the crime of motivating these kind of brands for social security guidelines.

Now, it should be your decision to make that to whom you follow and by whom you’re getting inspired. Think wisely before getting influenced by any social media personality. Research about the brands and products before buying them for your own sake and if you think that anything is going wrong on their profiles or they are promoting social violence or illusion report them for the future good of the society.

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