Travelling can be defined as the movement of people from one geographical place to another. In case of tourism it is defined as the stay in a short period of time. Travel can be done by foot, different types of vehicles, etc.

The word travel originates from the French word ‘travail’ which means ‘work’. In those days merchants and kings travelled in search of lands and wealth. Travelling in ancient days was difficult due to lack of transport. Mostly travel was by foot or by sea. Many have even lost their lives during travelling.

Nowadays we have every means of transport for travelling. We can enjoy travelling in this growing world.

Travelling to different places gives us lot of experience. It basically gives us experience on how to adapt to different climatic conditions. We can experience the taste of different kinds of foods. We can learn various cultures of various countries. We can also enrich our mind with the history of particular places we are travelling to. We can enjoy the scenery of places we are travelling and make it a beautiful memory in our life.

Travelling to hill stations is always a beautiful memory. We can define hill stations in two words- ‘natural beauty’. Visiting places of greenery always gives a immense pleasure to our eyes. It relaxes our mind and soul. We also gain a positive energy and also breathe in fresh air which is good to our health. Moreover when we travel through train to hill stations it will be more wonderful and exciting to see each and every places. Hill stations are also very much liked by those who love adventure. They can do trekking, skiing, paragliding, etc. So let us at least visit a hill station once in our life time and create a wonderful memory.

Next some people like to travel to historical places or monuments. It is also good to travel to historical places to learn more about our country and freedom fighters. We can learn how the monuments are built, what kind of weapons were used in the war, what type of rules were followed in the war, history of great kings and queens, etc. We can also cultivate our mind with different cultures of people like what type of food they ate, kinds of dresses they wear, types of Gods they worship, etc. Travelling to these places also create aspiring writers. We must travel to historical places to know behind the struggle of our freedom.

So travelling is always a beautiful journey in life. Let us travel to different places with our family and friends to make beautiful moments in our life.

Even some writers travel to various to get experience for their writing. If we want to write a story which is happening in a particular place first we must do full research about that place like culture and habits of people. So writers travel to particular places for better experiences. Travelling to hill stations can also create fantastic poem writers.

So travelling helps us in many ways. Let us travel once in a life time to get a different experience and memorable moments in our life.

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