Why do we love books?

Books are man’s best friends. Whenever a man feels lonely or dejected, he takes up a book and reads it. In fact, books remain our constant companions in Solitude and in times of mental strain.

Books can be of different types — fiction, adventure, sports and games, novi, etc. All such books are storehouse of information and we can learn a lot by reading them. Books on adventure thrill us. Books on autobiographies of great men inspire us to emulate their examples. Books on history tell about social and political conditions of the past. All such books are in fact windows to the outside world. Books selected carefully and judicially provide us with intellectual nourishment.

By reading books only, we can learn about the great men and their thoughts that have enriched the world. Such books contribute to the growth of the moral health of the society. Classic books by eminent authors portray the social problems which are more and less common all over the world. The more people read them, the more they came to know of the problems mankind has to face. People can, therefore, take all measures for their removal.

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