Benefits of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a way of improving our websites to increase the visibility of our websites in the relevant searches. It improves site’s user experience and it’s performance in the search engine. They provide various useful services apart from reviewing the websites, such as, technical advice on development of websites, content management and development, providing expertise in specific target market and geographics, etc. The main aim of SEO is to make our website so strong that the very first thing searched for by the users is our website for whatever information is wanted by it’s users.

Some of the benefits which any SEO provides are as follows:

It leads to better user experience- A good SEO will provide better user experience when it provides you the relevant information what the users are searching for and make it easy for them to nagivate the search results. It also ensures that the most trending and the most useful websites required for users is shown at the start so that the users do not spend a huge amount of time searching for what they require, it makes job easier for users.

It is a primary source for leads- SEO helps in getting leads, leads, here, can be, for example, sales of a product or a minimum amount of click-through for a website, a conversion rate of searching for a product for buying by the consumer and the very first link is chosen for buying, let’s say a water bottle is typed on Google, the first websie we see is Amazon.

SEO leads to better cost management- The cost of lead generation when SEO is used is lower than in regular use. Infact, the Search Engine Journal says that inbound leads can lower the cost of lead generation by about 60% to 70%!.If a company using SEO has a higher ranking in the SEO, the company need not market the website and it need not use the pay-per-click advertisement to advertise a page or website. If the Search engine and the website searched for is organic, it improves search ranking and lowers cost.

SEO often leads to more visits to local shops- An SEO is very useful for advertising local shoops which are located in close proximities to our place of residence. One often will search for a product or service which is nearby on the search engine and marketing by the shops will help them generate good leads.

SEO helps in establishing brand awareness- An SEO ensures that our product and brand is easily found on the website and is regularly found on our website for generating better rankings and this will often lead to more clicks on our website for their services and product demand to be fullfilled. It will also give them the knowledge of our brand’s existence and lead to word of mouth marketing once the customer is satisified with our product or the service.

SEO can lead to good market share- As we are on top of the search engine results, the customers and users find our websites more often and these users can come great leads for our business, our profession, etc. and will often lead to a good market share in the internet. These customers can ensure sales, ensure conversion like subcriptions to newsletters, etc.

SEO will lead to increase in followers on social networking sites- SEO will let people know about our website and the various social networking applications we are on and will start following us for getting more trends in the market and the reviews which each individual give adds on to the confidence on other individuals to buy or to sell from the website and ensures trust in the brand.

SEO provides various insights- SEO provides insights into our customers, ie, what is the time of the year when they are most active, the days when the website is the busiest, the keywords most often used for buying and selling a commodity by the customers or sellers, this helps in analysing the new trends in user behaviour.

SEO does not involve paid advertisements- SEO does not have any paid advertisements, so it is beneficial to small businessmen who think about expanding and establishing their business on the internet and to generate good leads be it engaging customers, generate sales, etc.

Thus, to conclude, one can say that SEO is a very useful way for improving websites and generating leads and also, for increasing the visibility of the website.

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