Drug addiction

Drug addiction is a great social menace which has assumed an alarming proportion in the recent times. It is eating into the vitals of the youths who are the future hopes of the country. This is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Drugs like heroine, brown sugar, L. S. D. become a habit to the people and once they have a taste of it, they become their slaves. It is feared that if no corrective measures are taken by the government or by different social organisations immediately, it may be too late to save the society from this destructive vice.

Sociologists think the youths turn to these drugs out of frustration. The youths want to escape from hard realities for a short period. Sometimes they take to it out of sheer fun. But once they have a taste of it they become addicted. Drug addiction may also come from parental neglect, loneliness and pressure from friends.

The result of drug addiction is really dangerous. The effect of drug addiction is just like slow poisoning. All out measures should be taken by the government to curb drug addiction. Drug peddlers should be heavily punished. Simultaneously government and social organisations should be take proper care to treat the drug addicts and rehabilitate them suitably in the society.

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