Enjoy your Childhood

Childhood always plays an important role in our life. Childhood is basically the period of human lifespan between 1-2 to 12-13 years. It is the stage where a child learns everything like moral values, education and discover their skills and talents. We can say childhood as a gifted stage from God in our life. Childhood strongly shapes a child into a perfect human being, so we must enjoy our childhood to the fullest.

But nowadays we are wasting our whole lifetime in gadgets which spoils our childhood years.

Before the invention of gadgets, children used to play outside, have fun with their friends, spend time with their family, etc. I think those type of children are now enjoying their life to the fullest. During those days children’s health was also good as they used to eat healthy foods, play well and so on. But now even a 5 year old kid is wearing spectacles. In this modern world children are more addicted to phone and social media and wasting their childhood days. We must spend our childhood days to shape our talents not waste in our time in unwanted things. It is not that we should not use phone, but we must learn to use it wisely.

Only after we grew up we realize the treasure behind our childhood days. Childhood days teaches us how to react in situations, how to get adjust within friends, how to be kind, and so on. Moreover childhood friends are also most wonderful thing in life. Those friends we can never forget in our life. It is with them we first start showing our talents, emotions, etc. They also teaches us some kind of values which also later gets implemented in our life. Sometimes we couldn’t even realize that these values were shaped in us by our loving childhood friends. Even while playing we follow certain rules. It is a friend who teaches us to follow rules while playing otherwise we are out of the game. We can say that as starting step to every human beings to follow rules everywhere.

We can also enjoy our childhood days in our school. School is the place of education, talents, friendship, teaching, caring, helping each other etc. Here teachers shape our future step by step beautifully. We should be thankful to our teachers for the whole life time. As they are the ones who cares us like our mothers. They not only teaches us what is given in the syllabus but also moral values which makes us a unique human being. It is in school where we find our unique talents and learn more about it like swimming, speaking skills, sports, etc. Each stage of our school teaches us different things which is more important in our life. Nowadays students think it is a burden to go to school, but it is not like that. We must enjoy going to school and learn many things. Our first stage performance usually occurs in school where we will be filled with fear, frustrated and so on. But remember when we grew up we may turn into a good speaker too. School is like a first stepping stone to all our skills and talents. Going on a school trip with friends and teachers is and all beautiful memory. We can’t get those days back in our life. Getting punishments from teachers is also a good memory, as it helps to correct our mistakes so that we don’t repeat it again. Having fun in all intervals, stealing friend’s snacks and eating, time at the playground is all funny memories in our life.

Last but not the least all these starts from our home first. Parents are our first teachers. Only when we learn good values from home we can still sharpen it our school days and prosper in our life. We spend time with our family when we are young than when are grown up. So we should never miss those days.

Therefore let us not us not waste our childhood days by playing video games, sitting on social media, etc. Let us enjoy it to the fullest and make it to sharpen us into a unique human being.

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