Flu shots for kids can cut Covid rush: Experts

Children who are not vaccinated against Covid-19, might be the biggest casuality in the next pandemic wave, the centre on Tuesday said it will soon issue guidelines for Covid-19 management in kids and prepare hospital infrastructure to face any influx of child patients.

so far only 2 – 3% of Covid – infected kids have required hospital care. Doctors averred that available scientific evidence suggests that children are less susceptible to severe disease.

Doctors said the government is nevertheless prepared for emergency. According to public health expert surveys have shown prevalence of infection was similar across all age groups. So a large number of kids may have been affected already. But not many kids became seriously ill. This is because children have smaller number of receptors, which the coronavirus uses to enter the human cells, compared to adults, doctors added.

While some doctors have advocated flu shots for kids to guard againt Covid, a senior paediatriciam in AIIMS, Delhi said it may not be suitable for India. The flu shots are prepared for influenza virus strains prevalent in Europe.

Dr. Jagadish Chinappa, a consultant child specialist at Manipal hospitals, said vaccinating children with flu shots will not protect them from the risk of Covid infection. It will help to avoid the confusion if the cough, cold and fever in children are due to Covid.

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