Half girlfriend – Book Review

      Half girlfriend book was written by ChetanBhagat.  Everyone might have read this book at once in your life time. Because the title of the book is catchy. The plot of the story is as interesting as the title of the book. The genre of this book is romance.

       This plot of the  novel is about the love story between a Bihari boy name Madhav Jha and a girl named Riya somani. This story starts with Madhav Jha who came to meet the author Chetan Bhagat and unknowingly left his half girlfriend’s journals. Chetan Bhagat calls him the following day and  asked him  to describe his story. He started explaining his pasts to him . 

     He explained his difficult entry in St.Stephen’s , as his English  was very bad and got admission through his sports quota. There came a beautiful  girl named Riya Somani and became best friends because of the interaction in the basketball court. Madhav express his feelings towards her but she refused to accept his love and agreed to be his half girlfriend. Then she left and married her childhood friend Rohan  and settled in London. After completing his degree, Madhav settled in his hometown and helped his mother to run her school. There were lack of restrooms in the school and he wanted to built it so that girls in the same village can come and study in this school.  They met local MLA for seeking help. He informed him about Bill Gates fund for undeveloped schools.

     He wanted to prepare a  speech for Bill gates in English to convince Bill Gates to fund his school. So he decided to go Patna to learn English. But  the fate made Madhav and Riya  to meet each other once again in Patna. She helped him to prepare a speech in English. He took her to his hometown but his mother didn’t like her as she was a divorcee. There Madhav came to know that she is in love with him , but his mother convinced Riya to move out from the place and not to marry her son Madhav.   After the speech gets over, she left him a letter with a message which says that she has only three to live because she is suffered with cancer. But, later ,  Madhav came to know that she lied to him and searched her all over India. Later,he  remembered that she told him that she wanted to  become a bar singer in New York. 

Then he moved to New York and searched her for 3 years with his friends help and finally he found her at Jazz event  and they both reunited happily . Then they moved to his hometown and they had a son named Shyam.

  While reading this novel, we can understand the feelings how Madhav felt. The way he described the characters through words and the feelings they undergone  made me feel like it’s my own story.  The choice of words  that he chose wisely gained  wide range of audience across the world. This novel attracts youngsters across the world and have separate fanbase for this novel .Chetan Bhagat’s novel wil always have different story  which captures everyone’s attention towards his works.

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