When you are a cybercriminal, you crave chaos. The coronavirus pandemic has been a boon for cybercriminals looking to make money in the middle of uncertainty and fear. The global pandemic has led to an epic rise in people shopping online, working from home, and generally being more digitally connected than before. With digital evolution around all businesses, small and large organizations and even governments are dependent on machine work to manage their day-to-day activities and thus making cybersecurity a prime goal to safeguard data from various cyberattacks. Here are the top five cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2021:-


  • Remote Work Issues – Remote working is a valuable method for protecting staff from the ongoing covid 19 pandemics. This practice has also led to increased cybersecurity threats after all most of the employees may not have the same security capabilities in their work from home arrangements as they do in their workplace, make sure your organization provides remote staff with appropriate cybersecurity training and resources.
  • Cloud Hijacking Concerns – Cloud breaches have become more common in the past year as cybercriminals have developed a method of hijacking cloud infrastructures via credential-stealing malware, to avoid this utilize trusted anti-malware software and make sure to update it regularly.
  • Elevated Ransomware Threats – According to recent research by cybersecurity ventures Ransomware attacks are expected to cost more than 20 billion dollars in 2021. To protect your organization from Ransomware attacks use a virtual private network to place security on your email servers.
  • Data Privacy Expectations – Data privacy is a growing concern. If your organization stores sensitive information digitally, it’s vital to utilize proper security technics to protect such data like encryption and stick to all relevant data privacy regulations.
  • Skills Shortages – The demand for cybersecurity professionals are exceeding the number of individuals that are qualified for such role. This shortage highlights the importance of investing in effective cybersecurity tools across all workplace devices to help minimize risk.