Trust Issues

Mind set is everything.

“Trust issues” are something that people use as a barrier to stop themselves from getting hurt. It’s true that once the trust is broken, even if it is made up late, it is not as strong as before and there is always some suspicion. It is also kind of similar to when people say “First impressions are best impressions”. Now, if you look at them closely, these both concepts  are pretty contradictory to each other. The first one says that if you trust someone, and if they break your confidence, you won’t feel the same towards them again. And that trust you made up about them will have been with considerable time spent with them. The second scenario is where you make up in mind that you somewhat like and trust the person at the very first glance and even if they make some mistake, that won’t make you change your mind, thanks to the first impression they made on you.

Why is that, you trust gets broken with the person whom you’ve known longer than the person who make a very good impression on you? The choice lies in your hand, as always. As someone said, life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react to it. The answer to my question will be expectation. The person, whom you’ve known for quite some time, with whom you’ve felt comfortable with, tends to break your trust. The thing is that, due to them being close to you and the pretext that they’ve known you for some time, you expect them to abide by your rules about your social security. You won’t expect any random person to do so, but the one who’s been with you, slowly gaining your trust and confidence. Also, it isn’t like you should always live in denial, too.

There are circumstances when you need to make concessions to your loved ones about your insecurities and who knows, they will also help you to guide you overcome it, if you’re with the right person. Be it your partner, best friend/s, parents, siblings, relatives etc. The one, who made a good first impression on you would most probably be a stranger, a superstar of whom others have made a pre-conceived notions and of whom, you, have no expectations from. You don’t expect them to abide by your rules, and if they do something contradictory to your views, you just move on, unlike your loved ones. There are also some people who, take the first impressions of the strangers to their heart and if something happens to break it, they let it. The stress is upon the words. “let it” because as always , choice is yours.

The person probably is very vulnerable to heart break or trust someone pretty easily or is someone who is just always ready to take decision rashly and then later blame themselves. They need to stand for themselves and not change themselves if it is in their nature and try to improve themselves. Trusting people is hard enough, trusting yourself is harder than anything. Trust yourself and move forward!!

“life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react to it…”


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