Budget Oriented Digital Marketing Strategy

As we are having a sufficient budget I would suggest using both Inbound and Outbound marketing strategies. Through Outbound marketing we can drive the right traffic to our Inbound-optimized website immediately. Building up relevant and strong content and then reaching out to the right audience is the key to success.


  • First of all, before launching a product we have to make a comparison between our product and our competitor’s product. Then we have to figure out one unique feature that our product has.
  • Then we have to set out product goals and objectives. Create a survey and ask questions like: – Who is the product for, what does it do, and why it is different (don’t forget to mention the unique feature that differentiates our product). We have to test it internally among colleagues before launching the product. 
  • We have to define our launch goals based on positioning, awareness, prospects, differentiation, and usage.
  • We need to host a pre-launch giveaway or contest to build excitement among the audience and give a feeling of expectation to them.
  • We have to increase organic visibility by working on SEO effectively. Having a well-optimized website can generate huge traffics.

Three key areas-

  1. Keyword
  2. Meta Description
  3. The First paragraph of the article
  4. Content is the key. We need to create relevant and effective content to bring huge traffic to our website.
  5. We need to practice remarketing by using remarketing ads.
  6. The Recommendation system is essential – Word of mouth marketing is the best way to spread the news about new products or services.
  7. Website speed should be optimized.
  8. We need to establish relationships with influencers. It is a digital version of word-of-mouth marketing.
  9. Customer service is the most important area of building a successful brand.
  10. Email marketing is also necessary.

Through this strategy, we can reach more number to audiences, provide them valuable products and services, turn prospects into loyal customers and help them with their doubts and queries and build a brand.