Hard work never fails

We would have come across this quote many times. Many take it easily but some take it to their heart and achieve in their life. Now we will see the life of a man who has set an extraordinary example for this quote.

He is a man of just 21 years . Nearly for one month he is travelling in flight to abroad. He has received an invitation from France to work for a salary for 16 lakhs per month. they are pleasing him to come and work in their country. But he refused. Prime minister has honored him with with a great award and also asked him to join in DEFENCE DRDO and make new researches.

Isn’t that exciting? Let us see what only he has achieved.


He was born in a small village in Karnataka. His father was a farmer with a monthly salary of Rs.2000. During his young age itself he had keen interest in electronics. He enriched his mind with knowledge of electronics during his school studies. He used net center to get more information about electronics. He also cleared his doubts by sending email’s to scientists. Due to lack of money he could not join in engineering college either he joined in a arts college and studies B.Sc. Physics. During his third year of college he was sent out as he could not pay the fees. Then he stayed in platforms and bus stands. His aim was to create a flying machine in a low budget . He didn’t even know it’s name was drone at that time. As he could not the required course due to lack of money he studied C++, Java Core, Python, Adobe Cloud Computing through his own. Then he went in search of e-waste scrap yard to use it for his project. Because of this he reduced the usage of money by 40%. Even though he failed many times in achieving his project he didn’t give up. Only at his 80th attempt he got his victory.

He participated in the drone competition conducted by IIT. He travelled to Delhi for this in an unreserved compartment. The competition was all over India and he was awarded the second prize in it. Next, he came to know that in Japan also they are conducting a competition like this. As he want to take take visa and passport for this, he got money by keeping his higher secondary certificates. He also got help from his college friends and professors. But the sad part is if he wants to take part in that competition he should have received approval for his project from a PhD. So for that he’s travelling to Chennai. He had only Rs.300 at that time. As he was new to Chennai he searched the professor’s house for many days and at last when he found he was not there at home. So again he stayed in platforms for days and waited for the professor’s arrival. One day the professor came and Pratap showed his project to him. The professor did not give approval as he belonged to arts and science group and there is no connection to the project to it for what he has done. But Pratap did not give up. Nearly for a month he begged the professor for his approval and at last he got it. Then returned back to Mysore. Then he came to know that for participating in the competition he at least need Rs.6000 and he is finding many ways for it but could not get his money. Luckily he got help from a ashram for his flight ticket and for other needs he used his mother’s jewels to get up some money. After so many struggles he entered the airport, took his flight and reached Tokyo one day.

Even there he suffered from loss of money. From airport he want to reach the exhibition center but he had 1400 rupees in his hand. In order to avoid usage of money he takes a local train and reaches the center only after 5 days. Nearly more than 127 countries participated in the competition. Pratap dreamt of at least winning the 70th place. With more expectation he’s keenly looking the winner’s list. First he looked on the 50th place his name was not there. Then he went on looking the 30th place, 20th place and so on, but he couldn’t find his name. Having lost all his rope he sits in a chair in the last row. They were announcing the top 10 list of winner on stage. Everyone thought that only STANDFORD University would grab the first place. But to everyone’s shock it was given the first place. Everyone was eagerly waiting that who will be the first winner.

Then there was announcement, ” Please welcome Mr. Pratap GOLD MEDALIST from India “. Pratap was filled in tears. He was so delighted to see the Indian flag flying higher than others. He was awarded 1000$ as a reward. He was happy that his hard work didn’t fail to succeed. He also went to France and grabbed the first prize.

After a lot of struggles he has achieved his success. So let us do hard work in our life and prosper our dreams.

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