Knowledge Is Power

Man was first almost like an animal. His power then rested only on physical strength. But in this respect he was no match for many beasts. So he had to live in constant fear of them. In course of time came knowledge, and it gave him the power to get mastery over the entire animal kingdom. He invented weapons with which he not only scared away beast but even killed them. As knowledge increased, his power also increased until he became the lord of creation.

knowledge has also enabled man not only to withstand the forces and elements of nature like rain and wind, but even to use them for his own purpose. He has been able to add to his physical comforts, to annihilate distance, rise above the force of gravitation, create artificial satellites and even to land on the moon.

Unfortunately, however, the power of knowledge is being used by man more and more for destructive purposes. It makes one nation stronger than another and helps the former to oppress the latter. Indeed, it is this disparity that lies at the root of rivalries among the different people of the world. But There are some people who live in peace without harming anyone with the power of knowledge.

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