Mehul Choksi must answer illegal entry charge says judge

Dominican judge said and ordered Mehul Choksi to answer his illegal entry charge: Dominican Judge Bernie Stephenson said that the Indian fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi should must answer his illegal entry charge into Dominica in Magistrates court. The Indian fugitive businessman was charged with illegal entry by Justice Bernie Stephenson in Dominica. He was never brought to the court before. Finally the matter was brought to the court on Monday and after all the deliberations for about 3 hours the judge announced his decision.

The judge announced that the application of habeas corpus will be adjourned until 9 am Thursday, reported Antigua News Room. Choksi went to the court being in a wheelchair. He is currently at the China Friendship Hospital. As per some report by Associate Times, Choksi’s brother who is also a bank defaulter like his brother, has promised election funding to Lennox Linton. He allegedly promised funding to Dominica’s Leader of the Opposition in exchange for saving Mehul and pushing his abduction theory.

As per some sources, Chetan Chinu Bhai Choksi, brother of Mehul Choksi met Linton on May 30. In that meeting, he discussed several aspects related to his brother Mehul’s arrest. They also agreed in a commitment that in exchange of token money and election donation promised to him, the opposition leader will supress the matter in parliament. They have also confirmed that Chetan Chinu Bhai Choksi disclosed during their conversation that Mehul reached Dominica on his own. But they will be requiring aid and assistance of the opposition in order to tackle this whole matter in court and also against the government of Dominica to make them believe of their theory that he was abducted by Antiguan and Indian police.

In an exclusive interview between Linton and ANI, Linton denied all allegations that were put on him. He even claimed that he has never known or met Chetan Choksi. In the interview he told ANI “I don’t know Chetan Choksi, I have never seen Chetan Choksi. I’ve never spoken to or with Chetan Choksi, I think there is an online story coming from a publication called Something times, I’ve never seen this website. I think this publication must be associated with passport selling friends of some of these governments in the region,”.

As per sources Chetan blamed Linton saying that he took 200000$ from him. He further accused the opposition leader saying that he promised him an assistance of a million dollar in upcoming elections in exchange of the help promised to him by Linton for saving Mehul and suppressing the whole matter.

However Linton called the entire report an ‘absolute garbage‘ saying that there was nothing true in that report. He further added that he had no private residence in Marigot saying that earlier was blown away in a hurricane. Linton disapproved all allegations and said that the opposition party has no contacts with either Mehul or his brother. However the lawyer of Choksi, Vijay Agarwal on wednesday gave a statement saying that Mehul Choksi was kidnapped.

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