Procrastination-Students postponing their assignments

Procrastination is a way of delaying or postponing activities by an individual though understanding it’s impact and consequences. Often, lack of will-power is the reason why people tend to procrastinate activities. It’s often the inner motivation which drives us to perform or postpone an activity, no matter how big or small an activity may be, or how time consuming an activity may be. Also, the lack of self-discipline is the reason

Students often procrastinate in many ways. In their school life, they often tend to delay their completion of assignments, they do not prepare for their tests due the following day. Certain reasons why they postpone is to spend time with their friends and to create a good social group and a social life. There are several other reasons why students postpone their tests and assignments, a few of them will be discussed in detail.

Firstly, students do not understand how to go about in completing their assignments or how to study in detail for their internal assesment due the following day. They often pile it all up and wait till the very last minute. There is lack of motivation amongst the students to learn that particular subject for the test or to perform the tasks given by the subject teacher to complete their assignment. This can be due to the lack of interest in the subject by the student, laziness amongst the students, etc.

Another reason why students postpone their assignment is the fear of failure. Yes, you read that right!. Often, students have the fear whether they will succeed to perform that particular test well or to write an article given for the assignment in let’s say a stipulated amount of words, pages, etc. by the teacher. This fear makes the student delay their activity to be performed and often make them rely on their parents or peers for certain help or they even give their assignment to their friend.

Another reason to postpone their assignment can be the very fact that students think that if the assignment is not useful for their future, they will not perform it or the very fact that the student does think that the particular assignment is useful or, easy, the student does not care about the assignment or tasks given to perform. They often are not mentally prepared to perform the task and will soon be exhausted and will not think out of the box to perform their assignment and have a distinct assignment written from others.

Example, I myself have had these issues where I would perform well on my assignments and tests in school in every subject, but, I hated Mathematics and never worked-out any sum in any of the topics. Mathematics is a subject which needs to be worked out everyday, no matter how perfect you are in the concepts. I always have been very weak in Mathematics and often, have delayed studying the subject till the last minute ie, a day before my exam, taking all the burden of performing well in that subject. Unfortunately, I used to score good in all of my subjects in the final examinations, but always lost a good percentage goal set for the final examination because of performing worse in my Mathematics examination. I overcame this by concentrating more on Mathematics in school in the next grade and seeked help of my friends and a tuition teacher to understand problems better and to ensure that my answers are right and that I understand the concept. Though it was initially tough, it motivated me to keep doing better in the tests and assignments, which ultimately made my scores better. I lost the fear from the subject since then.

Procrastination of assignments amongst students can also be due to the resistance. Students might often resist not to perform or finish their assignment on time or to study for particular test on time or for any speeches or presentation to be given on time due to the fact that students think it is a burden on them, or that they are being forced to perform that activity. Students often think that they have to do the school and home work which becomes a task for their everyday thing and not because they want to learn and due to this, it’s often observed that their peers have to force the students to perform that task or to complete their homework or to study for their test. Students often do it for the sake of fear of their elderly and not because of their interest. Example, the fact that I never worked out Mathematics, I was often the last one to submit assignments, often I lacked the understanding of the problem in school or in tuition though everybody was willing to help me out. Everybody had to force me to work out Mathematics everyday.

Certain ways in which teachers, parents, etc can help them to stop procrastinating is by doing the following things:

1)Give confidence to students that they will surely perform that particular task better ie, they will surely understand how to go about with their assignment and will surely succeed in completing them.

2)A student can reward himself for performing the task which he/she feels difficult by promising himself/herself to finish the task. For example, a student can reward himself/herself with a chocolate or an ice-cream if they finish their weak subject’s homework on time.

3)Ensuring that someone is guiding us in the right direction because we wouldn’t self-monitor ourselves as we do not know what is right or wrong.

4)Ensuring that both academics and social life is balanced is also very important.

Through these ways, one can ensure that they overcome their fears and challenges.

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