TRUE HEROES OF PRESENT SCENARIOS[Helping Hands In The Wake Of Covid-19

In this distressing situation when there is all around scenes of people crying and striving for their life,in this hour of emergency where there is an unknown and frightful monster who is eagerly waiting at the doorsteps of people to attack them, as millions are fighting for their lives then there are some real heroes who came forward to fight against corona and are risking their lives for mankind. They are none other than our Doctors who are solely devoted towards the humanity and trying to help each and every person in every possible way. They are risking their lives,not meeting their families even for once, having sleepless nights, making video consultations and of course they are doing physical treatment too. In this scenario Doctors are turning out to be a life savior/god to the public.

Other than doctors there are policemen who are continusoly engaged  in the protection and helping the helpless like there are many old age people living alone they are helping them, they are maintaing social order ansd also becoming a service provider and helping hand for the needy, they  are not only doing their particular job but also providing assistance to the vulnerable in these times.Policemen are the first who are playing pivotel role in the implementation of covid restrictions /lockdown. As lockdown has brought a sudden change in the lives of people they have become restless and due to lack of nessesary things or  monetry they tends to go out in which police tries to make them understand the situation and sometimes in that situation they has  to  act strictly to implement the restriction for the sake of safety of citizens

The unsung part has also been played by several businessmen, industrialists and celebrities like some are providing free oxygen and oxygen cylinders in the crises of lack of oxygen, many are providing food and helping people to reach heir destinations[ when their was sudden announcement of lockdown and homeless/migrants people were suffering on the roads ]. Then there are companies who played a vital role in the survival of middle class by providing salary to the people sitting at homes without doing any office work and also providing work from home facilities. The organisations are also helping the deceased’s families by providing them medical cover, monetary help and emotional support. Many people are raising funds for the development of hospitals for corona patients; some are selling their valuables and spending for the noble cause. Another thing that we can do overcome this situation is that by looking upon subordinates and helping them to overcome the situation.

These are the examples and instances that how each and every part of society are lending helping hands and doing more and less for the betterment of society. Covid-19 in this scenario can also be seen as a moment where we can see the power of unity and a chance to stand in front of the world as an example to overcome this disastrous this disaster has effected the economy vigorously so the least a person or community should do is to help the needy in their particular fields, this would not only help the individual but also help the family and ultimately helps the society to overcome the situation.

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