Drugs and alcohol abuse

The use of drugs and alcohol has been on the rise amongst adults and especially youth. Often, we hear in newspapers, pedlars selling drugs to teenagers and hear about these teenagers consuming drugs. I will be focussing more on why the teenagers pitfall into drugs and alcohol use and their consequences and how we can stop them. There are several reasons why teenagers consume alcohol or drugs, some consume it for fun, some consume it for overcoming anxiety and depression. They tend to be on the habit of thinking that if they smoke or consume this particular drug, it will make them lower or quiet down their anxiety and in other words, and most importantly, will make them feel emotionally “even”. When it comes to depression, teenagers feel that these drugs when consumed will help them cope up with depression. They are not taking any pleasure in consuming these drugs but they feel that it will at-least make them feel happy so it becomes the first thing that they would do and look forward to get satisfaction and happiness.

Let’s focus on alcohol in teenagers. It has been found out that teenagers tend to be affected differently than adults when they consume alcohol. Teenagers are affected or addicted sooner to these drugs and it’s often the reason of peer pressure which makes them get into these habits. Peer pressure makes these teenagers get into trying drugs, alcohol, etc. and more often, as they are immature and do not understand what is right and wrong, they tend to try these drugs more often. Other reasons can be dramatic physical, emotional and lifestyle changes in that particular age period. Some teenagers are into consuming alcohol because of getting satisfaction and pleasure, Some teenagers drink alcohol only to get social acceptance amongst their peers and groups, and more often, they tend to ensure that they satisfy this want of getting more social affection. Certain teenagers drink because of the fact that they are not getting acceptance from their social circle and they consume this as a solution to their issues they face, which is absolutely wrong in my thinking. They often tend to not understand what they are going through emotionally and are unable to speak about it or get a solution for it, thus, they rely on alcohol or any other drug which would make them satisfy when they feel lonely the most. Certain other reasons may also be a particular event which occured in that particular person’s growth age ie, when the person was young, and that particular thought being continuously pictured by the person as they have witnessed it. It makes them frightened and often rely on alcohol or drugs to calm them down or to make them forget about the event for a certain period of time. Certain other reasons is also found out to be inherited by their forefathers and it gets inside the genes of these younger children and adolescents and also, certain traumatic experience can lead them into getting into drugs as well as alcoholism.

Certain ways in which teenagers can get rid of drugs and alcohol is to first understand how much we consume it and whether it is the cravings which drive us to drink or to consume drugs or if there is any reason which make us drink alcohol or consume drugs. It will help us in understanding whether it has any emotional impact if it’s not consumed and how drastically it will impact if we do the adverse.

A person who consumes drugs or drinks alcohol should also understand it’s negative impact. Also, to stop consuming, one can substitute their behaviour of buying alcohol or drugs with the behaviour of buying a good beverage like a good fruit drink, which does not have the element of caffeine drug as it will give adverse impact of not drinking or consuming other types of drug.

Change of routine can also help in getting rid against drug and alcohol addiction. Example, one can ensure that their meetings, be it informal or formal, are held at places which strictly prohibit the consumption of alcohol or any drug. Another idea may be to stop going to restaurants which serve alcohol and has a smoking zone, it can have a major impact as it will make the individual forget about alcohol or smoking or to consume any drug at that place.

One can also change their lifestyle and hobbies which do not involve any usage of drugs or alcohol. In my school life, I have seen many of my friends getting more into alcohol and smoking cigarettes, etc. They often offered me the same. Most important thing among any individual is to have self control and the power of understanding and being a clear idea of what is right and what is wrong. I realized that it is wrong to consume these unwanted things and it made me lose many friends and not having a social life, but, I was able to find friends who strictly were against this and accepted me for my tastes. It’s more often on us to understand what is right and wrong and to diferentiate it, and to choose the best. It is still hard for anyone to accept that I have not tried any of these drugs or alcohol, but, these are just my thoughts on what I feel.




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