When was the last time you took out time for yourself, keeping aside your daily chores or work?
All of us have now become so much engrossed in achieving financial stability or some job to earn bread and butter, that we completely ignore what we love to do or what makes us happy and relaxed.
We might be working hard to have a great lifestyle but we are seriously lagging in truly living a life.

And to live a life, you have to have a hobby. It not only makes us happy from the inside but it enriches the quality of our living. Do whatever you are good at or you love doing. For me, painting is my hobby and it is a great way for me to destress myself. It helps me in relaxing after a busy, stressful day.

We all are unique and so are our interests. Find a hobby that suits you or you actually love, it’s not going the extra mile. Try out many different skills and pick those you enjoy doing, it might be gardening, singing, playing golf, writing, it could be anything.

Hobbies are a therapy that rejuvinates us and gives power and freshness for the comming day.


Having a hobby is very important, especially nowadays. We are so much running after finance, family, children, work, studies that we are neglecting our very being. We are compromising our mental health, physical health, happiness, and especially tranquility in our lives.
Hobbies are on one side beautiful and relaxing escapes that we need today to maintain our mental and physical health checked, welcome happiness, and live in peacefulness.

Benefits of having a hobby?

Of course, hobbies do have a lot of benefits.
A. Makes life interesting- The daily hustle and weariness make life monotonous and dull. Practicing hobbies makes our life more fun and enjoyable. It gives experiences and stories that can be shared with anyone.

B. Relieves stress- Work deadlines, study pressure, household works are all so stressful that it sucks the happiness out of us. To bring happiness and serenity in life creative leisure hours are very important. It revitalizes our brain and body, fills it with calmness and creativity.

C. Brings positive energy- Spending hours doing whatever you love is very necessary. Whenever you do something you love you feel happy from the inside and a gush of contentment runs throughout your body. You feel positive and so attract positivity.

D. Helps create social life- clubs, workshops, group singing, etc are great socializing spots. You get to meet people of your taste and likes. Sharing thoughts, stories, and experiences with like-minded people strengthens the bond and helps in making new friends and reaching new people.

E. Empowers you to have different perspectives on things- When you engage yourself in hobbies you tend to widen your creativity level and develop a sense to perceive things differently.

F. Helps eliminate wastage of time- There is an old saying, it goes like- “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” When you involve yourself in creative activities you are in other way developing your mind. Hobbies help you have a productive time rather than sitting idly and attracting negativity.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life”.
-Wayne Dyer, American author