Iago is jealous of Othello, so he spreads a rumor of Desdemona having relationship with Cassio, Othello’s lieutenant. Iago also made some false proof to make Othello believe him. Finally, Othello believed Iago and killed Desdemona out of rage. When truth comes out, Othello killed himself out of guilt. Iago killed his wife Emilia, who confessed the truth about false-proof and he went to the prison.

Othello is a military general in Venetian army. He is from North Africa and not from Venice. He is black, physically strong and powerful. Othello is the protagonist of the story. He marries an young women of Venice, Desdemona. Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio . When Desdemona secretely married Othello, Brabantio can believe the fact and he is very suspectful because Desdemona is very obedient to him. Brabantio is anger that his daughter married a black man. Inspite of opposition, Desdemona married Othello. Othello picked Cassio as his lieutenant and Iago got jealous because of picking Cassio over him. So, Iago provoked Roderigo, who loves Desdemona and told Brabantio about the marriage . Othello was brought before the Duke, and he explained about his love for Desdemona and Desdemona also agreed about it. Duke ordered Othello to go to Cyprus and save the island from Turkish navy. Emilia, the wife of Iago is appointed to safekeep Desdemona and she joins with Othello to sail. But storm attacked the Turkish navy and destroyed it. Soon Othello reunited with Desdemona.

Iago got more jealous because of Othello’s lieutenant pick over him. Iago played Roderigo as a puppet and Roderigo is so obessed with the lovely Desdemona. He would do anything for Desdemona in order to marry her. Iago tells Othello about his wife’s affair with Michael Cassio, which is made up by Iago. At first, Iago did not believe about it. But then Iago insisted a lot and made up false stories about Desdemona’s affair with Cassio. Once, Othello demoted him of his rank because he was drunk and lose himself. Cassio is a good friend of Desdemona, so he requested Desdemona to talk about his rank to Othello. Iago saw them talking and told Othello. Othello got suspicious and asked proof for their affair. Iago made his wife Emilia to steal a handkerchief of Desdemona. Emilia got the kerchief and handed over to Iago. Cassio gave Bianca the kerchief and asked to copy the pattern , Bianca got suspicious about Cassio’s relationship with some other women but Cassio confirms that he found the hand kerchief in his bedroom.

When Othello saw his wife’s handkerchief possessed by Cassio, he got anger and killed Desdemona without actually knowing the truth. Later then, Emilia confessed about the betrayal act of Iago . Iago killed his wife and tried to escape but was caught and sent to the prison. Othello killed himself for his act of killing Desdemona out of guilt. Cassio got wounded in the leg and Roderigo was killed by Iago. At the end, Cassio placed in command as the Governor of Cyprus .

The story Othello portrays about the jealousy, racial discrimination. It is a fantastic and amazing book to read. We can understand about the themes very well and it gives us a life lesson and represents a surrounding culture. I would give this book an 9/10.

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