Problems faced by Indian middle-class families in this pandemic.

Before understanding the problems of an Indian middle-class family we should first understand what is a middle-class family.
A middle-class family is a social group that consists of ordinary people who usually have good jobs and are neither rich nor very poor.Past two years people from all over the world is fighting against COVID-19.The pandemic came as a crushing blow to the dreams of millions of middle class people. Healthcare workers all around the world are risking their lives to provide care. middle class population has been a key engine to drive the economy, contributing to the growth of several sectors. This correlation is the reason why the coronavirus pandemic has toppled the country’s growth trajectory. While incomes of economically weaker sections suffered during the months of strict lockdown, middle income households took the biggest knock, added the report. “Middle income households, particularly at the higher income levels, have suffered much more, because they had a lot more to lose.

It is not just the socially poor and the migrant workers who are facing the brunt of coronavirus induced lockdown. Activists say lower middle class families with meager income are badly hit but the problem is not getting due attention because of lopsided priorities. Many people lost their jobs in this pandemic. Now a second wave of COVID-19 has struck India, and the middle class dreams of tens of millions of people face even greater peril.Yet government appears unwilling to repeat last year’s draconian lockdown, which left more than 100 million Indians jobless and which many economists blame for worsening the pandemic’s problems. While the media has focused on the woes of migrant workers trekking hundreds of kilometres to return to their native villages after their earnings dried up in the wake of the virus pandemic, not much has been written or said about the hassles that middle-class families have had to face, especially the elderly. The fact that salaried unemployment has shown no signs of decline, it indicates that much of India’s middle class is facing an income crisis. Salaried jobs have traditionally been a favoured option among India’s middle class due to higher job security and stable wages.

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