The Great Legend – SPB is no more

    Great Legendary playback singer SPB passed away on  25th September.  After testing covid 19 as positive, he was admitted at MGM healthcare hospital in Chennai and he was under the treatment.

   On sept 4 , he was tested negative for covid-19.  Though  he was  cured from covid-19 ,  he was under the control of doctors. Despite maximum life support by doctors,  his health became worse and he was suffered Cardiovascular arrest. With the grief,  the hospital announced that he was passed away.
Earlier life:

    He was born on 6th June 1946 in Nellore. His full name was Sripathi panditharayadhyula Balasubhramanayam and he was also called as SPB or Balu. He was a musician and also a playback singer,director and an actor in tamil,malayalam, kannada and telugu industries.

       After completing his school education, he pursued his UG degree at JNTU college of Engineering. While pursuing his ug degree,he got interested in music and participated in many music competitions and won first prize in music Competition for amateur singers organized by madras based Telugu Organization Which changed his entire life.  Though he pursued his engineering, he often visits his famous music composers seeking Opportunities. His first song was “Nilavey Ennidam Nerungathey “.

   He sung songs for four decades and he also recorded  twenty one kannada songs for a director in a day from 9.00AM to 9.00 PM.  Also he recorded nineteen tamil songs and sixteen hindi songs in a day which was also a greatest achievement by him. He was also gave voice over for many famous actors in Tamil and Telugu and won Nandi award for best male dubbing artist. He was also honored with padma shri and padma Bhushan. He was also led  SPS  charitable foundation in the memory of  his father.

He recorded more songs for illaiyaraja in Tamil and Telugu languages. He mostly sung songs with S. Janaki who was also  a great female singer in Tamil and Telugu industries. He worked as a playback singer for Salman Khan.  He then became dubbing artist for the flim “Manmadha Leelai “.

He used to say that,  ‘ I like to eat ice creams a lot and it has never affected my voice ‘. SPB used to sing in towns and Villages all over South India with Illaiyaraja before they came into the cine field.  His last song was about humanity which Was titled as “Bharatha Bhoomi” which was composed by Illaiyaraja . This song was a tribute to the people such as police, doctors and others who have been working against COVID-19. This was the last song sung by him.

His achievements:

    He was also achieved  Guinness world record by recording more than 40,000 songs in 16 languages. He was the one and only man who sung more than 40,000 songs in 16 languages  within four decades. He was also called as “paadum Nila” by his fans. He has also won  six National awards for Male playback singer and also won flimfare awards of South. He also won state NTR National awards for his contribution to the Indian cinema and was also honored with silver peacock medal for Indian personality of the year.

      As we know that paadum Nila is no more, his songs will have greatest place and lasts forever in our hearts and minds. His distinct voice has inevitable part in our lives and most of his song have melancholy Which made us to remember his song for a long time in our memory. One of his fan tweeted that,’ SPB lent his voice to 41,200 songs.  If you listen to one song per day, you have to live for 110 + years of healthy life to complete that album ‘. That tweet sums up this man’s greatness. His songs will lasts till this world exists.

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