Beyond news writing in the realm of creative writing

News writing vs creative writing

News writing is a style of writing particularly use to present any news. It is basically use in newspapers or news website. It attempts to answer all basic question about any particular event in the first two or three paragraphs: Who? What? When? Where? and Why? and How? Which is popularly known as 5w’s 1h.

News writing structured is accomplished by the inverted pyramid. Inverted pyramid consists of “the lead” most important part will be on it (which is 5w’s 1h), “the body” subsequent paragraphs giving additional facts related to the incident. It generally gives the information on the background of people involved in the incident, any arguments or disputes that have occurred, with any shreds of evidence etc. and last is “the tail” which our conclusion.

Hence, news writing follows the proper structure to present any piece of writing to their target audience. While writing any news article we have to keep in mind some of the important point which is fairly accepted by every news writing agency in the country. Simply, it comes under some limitation, and when the control is there the restriction will be present. News writing structure follow the limitations of strict word limit. Limit upon words could make writer fell like he/she is in a box or tied to an unbreakable nod. News writer shell not add their personal views regarding any incident. Their writing style is not much flexible in nature.

Whereas anything which is away from realm of news writing is called as beyond news writing. Beyond news writing starts when the boundary of news writing break. It is the world of creativity and imagination with no tried node in it. A popular saying “core of everything else is ideas, ideas takes an imaginary turn. Which then takes a creative turn.” Writing beyond any boundary or restriction may also be good for a healthy democracy in a country. It is duty of every writing to being truthful to their readers.

The word Creative writing means any piece of writing that goes outside the wells of normal professional, journalistic, academic, or any technical forms of literature, typically identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development. Moreover, it is far off a traditional news writing structure. Its prime cause is to get the truth about humanity through storytelling and poetry. The type of creative writing are as follows: plays, poetry, movie, television serial, friction, speech, song, memories and personal essay. All these types have some humanity touch in them.

Whereas journalism was first conceived in 1400s in Italy and Germany. It got popularized through Europe when printing press was invented in 1600s. by the early 20th century journalism became a profession and became worldwide popular. Looking back in time, creative writer existed way before then they team coined. Our ancestors were already practicing this form of literature, in early human civilization. even before any language existed, creative writing was already there. Proof have been found regarding this like: cave painting or use of symbol. This was also said that poetry exist long before the birth of Christ. Folk tale, fairy tale and epic are the early form of writing which left the impression on modern writer to take inspersion from it.

News writing and creative writing are two opposite nodes of a rope. They are different on the grounds of facts, knowledge, accuracy and truth whereas creative writing is more of imagination, poetry, art and literature. News writing restrict their writer to bring out creativity into the on the other side creative writing allow their writer to dive deep into their imagination to bring out all the story they desire to write. In creative writing, writers use their mind’s eye to paint pictures and create worlds, situations, and characters that are fictitious but link to life.

Creative writing helps people to think of alternative. which is people by their own think of what’s right what’s wrong for their lives. It helps people to perceive their lives which different from other. Our mind is fully of creativity, ideas and thoughts, we shouldn’t limit them into some boundary. In other terms Creativity and imagination is a bridge to our civilization. It’s a spell to achieve unbelievable or an art to touch an untouchable. J.K. Rowling once said “We don’t need spell to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already, we have the power to imagine better.” Creative writing is a way of expressing ourselves where science and data can not.

In today’s society, seems like everyone is walking is path of life like a robot. They don’t even analyse what this path will leads them into. it is prime time that this society need some change into their perception, and only creative writer could take this initiative. they could help in showing the new dimension of creativity and entertainment. There though would be the vision to reboot the societal perception, would birth new philosophy and help to understand better way for living our lives. In creative writing give freedom in exploring in mind and expressing through. it rely mostly on self-expression.

The main purpose of creative writing in present context is that it gives in-dept analysis on any circumstances. There could be innumerable and infinite number views on any topic. Humans should grown not limit themselves to one opinion. This could the best way to grown from any stereotype and prejudice which is present in the society. This could be the way humanity could be established in new form and dimension. Another moto of creative writing is to entertain people through their writing.

Creative writing is important for present scenario because in this corrupted world, it is having a immunes impact on society to change it for better. it provides us powerful ads that cannot be ignored. For instance: ads for tourism, NGO ads etc. with a powerful music and beautifully written. Art is like a glue to a society that takes you into the world of purest reality. Newspapers also have some special the space for creative writing which is editorial, feature, column writing and even interview format. This is the space where a writer could show creativity inside them to their readers. They could even display their personal option regarding any situation. Even they could express their unsatisfaction about any policy of the government.

In the end both, news writing and creative writing have their own importance in the society. One state facts and accuracy of content; on the other side creative writing breaks the wall of facts takes us in the world of fantasy and logic.