Environmental Pollution

Any abnormal change in chemical, physical and biological characteristics of environment is called pollution. Environment pollution is more pronounced in larger cities and industrial belts.

In these areas, the air gets polluted by the exhausts from automobiles and furnaces, industrial soots, emission of smoke from factories etc. Green forest purify air, but with random felling trees the percentage of these highly poisonous gases in the air increase. All these cause great damage to the health of living creatures. Large amount of industrial and municipal wastes are discharged into rivers and lakes without any treatment, resulting in the death of marine lives. Emissions from refineries float on seas destroying marine lives and coastal vegetation. Noise pollution is another form of hazard that inflicts great damage to human being.

People are being encouraged to plant more trees to purify air. Smokeless fuels are used for general consumption. Laws have been enforced to treat the effluents first before discharging them to rivers or lakes. Strict measures are taken to prevent emission of smoke from chimneys. The price of pollution could be the death of mankind. So, people must take every step to save this planet from environmental pollution.

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