It’s our duty to bequeath nature in all it’s pristineness to posterity

Taking good care of one’s living surroundings is the duty of each and every human being. Every June 5 world environment day underscores the importance and the need to protect our environment and conserve it’s natural beauty. The theme of this year’s World Environment Day – Reimagine, Recreate, Restore – is highly relevant. It’s our duty to bequeath nature in all it’s pristineness.

protection of environment and social welfare are just two of the numerous social initiatives undertaken by KMML. With the aim of tackling food shortage, organic farming was started by the company on 7.5 acres of fallow land. Fish farming is also being carried out. By the time, the next edition of World Environment Day trundles along, KMML will greet the ocassion with a herbal garden. Along with this, a Miyawaki forest will be readied. As part of the pre-monsoon cleaning operations, the drains in nearby areas have been cleared. Also, efforts are on to restore the natural flow of water.

Each year, World Environment Day functions are staged in a particular country – the host nation – and this time, it is Pakistan. And the theme this year is ‘Reimagine, Recreate, Restore’.

Not long ago, any talk of nature conservation and limiting mindless exploitation of earth’s resources invited curious stares and chuckles from the uninitiated, at least. But after real-life instances of climate change in the form of wild shift in seasons, heavy nonstop rain and flood devastation, the sceptics have come round to the view that climate change is indeed real, and it is happening right now.

But over four decades ago from 1974, when climate change was more a subject of academic interest than an everyday reality, the United Nations had designated June 5 as World Environment Day.

It is with the principal aim of highlighting the need to protect environment that the world body chose to observe June 5 as World Environment Day.

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