Lock Down relaxations and our responsibilities

This pandemic has changed our lives all over the world. Each and every day lakhs of people are dying due to Corona virus. We should only save oursleves from this dreadful disease. When government implements certain rules we should follow that to save our lives. Eventhough lockdown is released now with certain relaxations we should be cautious and stay safe.

We should not rome around necessarily. When we go to vegetable markets, groceries, etc. we should never forget to wear a mask. Now a days wearing two masks is advisable.

We should maintain social distancing when we are outside in a market, medical shops, etc.

If we get any symptoms like cold, cough, or fever immediately we must go to a nearby healthcare center.

We must have the habit of santizing our hands regularly.

We should also prefer healthy diet especially which increases our immunity.

As vaccinations are available to everyone now we should vaccinate ourselves as soon as possible to save us from corona virus.

So let us follow all the rules given by the government and save us from this dreadful disease.


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