Save Lakshadweep

As we see in many social media about the trending hastags and posts on Lakshadweep. Many Malayalam actors showed their support and even Kerala Government has raised it’s voice to change the Administrator of Lakshadweep thereby standing with people of Lakshdweep. People were posting and sharing posts in social media to save them from their new Administrator, Praful Khoda Patel.

Lakshadweep is India’s smallest Union Territory, consisting of 36 islands, off the coast of Kerala. Only in some Island people can live. The population of Lakshadweep is 60,000. Lakshadweep has one of the highest literacy rate of 99.9 percentage. The majority people worship Allah, while others worship the some other deity. They speak a particular slang of Malayalam, as they are close to Kerala. When people around the world suffered from pandemic- Covid 19 , Lakshadweep has zero positive cases of Corona virus. Lakshadweep in first wave is Covid-free and according to the sources, the major crime rate of Lakshadweep is zero. There are three sets of power in Government of Lakshadweep – Administrator followed by the MP and the Panchayat.

What did he do?

The new administrator, Praful K. Patel was appointed by Union Government when the Ex-administrator, Dineshwar Sharma died during his service. When Praful K. Patel inaugurated, he brought a set of drafts and regulations which was severely opposed by the citizens of Lakshadweep. The administrator planned of changing Lakshadweep like Maldives by promoting tourism,etc.

The drafts are 1.Animal preservation regulation 2. Development authority regulation. 3. Anti – social activities regulation. 4. Panchayat regulation. These drafts brought controversies between people and the administrator.

Animal preservation regulation is basically trying to ban beef , although it did not mentioned particularly. That is people killing the cow for beef, must get permission prior killing it. This was opposed by people since beef business is widely done by many people.

In case of Local panchayat leaders, they should have two children and not more than two. If they have more than two children, then they will be removed from the post. Now, people think that administrator is trying to suppress their Panchayat leader’s voice, who are raising their voice against him.

For the promotion of tourism, the administrator ordered to supply alcohol to other islands. Before this act, only one island was allowed to sell alcohol.

In schools, the mid day meals scheme food was proposed to change from non- veg to increased amount of veg foods, which made the parents even more anger against the administrator. So, the people of Lakshadweep raised their voice and asked for support to save them from their new administrator.

Developing Lakshadweep at what cost?

When the citizens of Lakshadweep are against their own draft regulations, why would the administrator create such rules. The posts shared in the social media gone viral and everyone supports people of Lakshadweep. The Government of Kerala requested Union Government to change the Administrator of Lakshadweep for his act against his own people. When the people are pleading for help, the administrator says, he will implement the regulations as he said earlier.

The #savelakshadweep gone viral throughout India in social media, every people supports them. We stand with Lakshadweep.

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