Coding vs Life Skills

CBSE has recently declared that they will include coding as a skill subject from classes 6th to 8th and a data science curriculum for classes 8th -12th. The data science curriculum could be helpful but is it really necessary to teach coding to every kid? These are futuristic skills but what about skills that could help them live their lives.

Does every kid need to join the IT field in the future? There are artists, musicians, dancers, writers, poets among them. Kids in these classes should be taught how to live life peacefully in the future, how to deal with lows in their lives rather than teaching them coding. Those kids who have an interest in coding could choose it as an optional subject but that too is not necessary for class 6th. Fields other than IT need to be given importance as well.

How about teaching them about human relations as a subject? Although one learns about human relations and other life skills on their own as they grow up and build a path for themselves but teaching them could give a basic idea to them so that they do not feel overly stressed about life in the future.

Rather than adding only coding to the curriculum, give every kid varied options for what they want to choose for themselves. Let them choose from these options and then from class 9th l , let them choose that specific field which interests them whether it may be cooking, music, dance, art or sports.

Life skills include many things ranging from basic skills such as speaking, interacting skills to how to live a less complicated life. These lessons cannot be taught from a coursebook but a teacher who is willing to impart quality education, a teacher who wants children to take something from them, can teach this by their own life experiences. Interacting with every kid, understanding what goes on in their minds could be the best way to teach them these life skills.

Although we are heading towards a technology-driven future but giving kids their own time to explore what they want from life should be mandatory. By including coding as a skill subject, we are making children think that only the IT field is important in the future, other students who might want to pursue some other field could be demotivated. I can’t understand why the education boards specifically CBSE, cannot add creative skills too in the curriculum. We surely have many engineers and more upcoming engineers out there looking for jobs but we don’t have a proper career path for the other creative fields.

The new education policy looks a bit promising, although it has some loopholes, the success of this new policy depends on how well it is implemented

All in all, in my view, if you can consider teaching coding to 6th class kids, please do consider the growth of their mindsets by teaching them life skills and also music, dance, etc.