How to deal with depression?

Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain but it is more common and also harder. However today it is more common. According to World Health Organization, one out of every five people in India maybe suffering from depression. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. Depression can hit you at any stage of life. Even the brightest of people who always look happy, have mental depression at some point in their life. But they have overcome it with determination and so can you.

What exactly you can do to get out of this mental illness as soon as possible?

Modern Medical science define Depression as prolonged sadness for over 2-3 weeks. Though depression isn’t just sadness, it is emptiness, it is misery. No one just has depression, you suffer from it. It is as real as any physical disease. It seems as if you have fallen into a bottomless pit where there is no hope of light. But not everything is what it seems. No matter how bad you think your depression is, I promise that it can be cured completely just if you bring about a certain discipline into your life.

The very first step is to decide that you really want to overcome this illness. I say this with conviction, not just with reading few books. There are a few things which actually lifted me to the place of stability, peace and happiness. That’s what I want to share with you. Fore most connect with the five elements, its no secret that we all are made out of five fundamental elements- Earth, Air ,Water, Fire and Akash. In today’s fast raced life , we have lost connection with them and as a result diseases are on the rise. Though if you connect back with them, you will experience a state of blessed like never before.

The Water element– Remember how after a bath you feel happy and relaxed. This is because your whole system came in contact with the fundamental element which constitute 72% of body. If you are feeling so dejected today, there isn’t a reason why you should not miss out bathing daily. Today even Modern science has confirmed, Water has memory. If you even look at water with a feeling of gratitude before drinking, it works magically within your system.

The Earth element – The mind and body are connected at all levels. If your body is hardware then Mind is the software. Just as your mental state has a powerful effect on your body what you nourish your body with defines your mental state and you know that if you just eat the right food, you can generate enough neurotransmitters for totally discard the need of any anti-depressant pills. Anyway anti-depressant pills aren’t the solution. Even Modern science confirms that, they just put your mind and body asleep foe a little while, but have side effects. If you eat fresh homely food rather than junk food , it will greatly help you overcome depression. To stay even closer to Earth elements walk barefoot on mud, start doing gardening if you like, spend time with nature, it will make you happy .

The Fire element – Have you noticed why you sometimes feel low during the winters? -the lack of sunlight. Today research has confirmed that our brain produces more of those mood lifting chemicals on sunny days than on darker days. So, ideally every morning greet the sun with sun salutations and simply keep a flame in a distance of 3 feet from you, watch it constantly without blinking. The effect of it will be magical.

The Air element – Instead of being in closed doors all the time, move out. Let the air touch your body. Every morning make sure atleast 15 minutes doing breathing exercises. Start with deep breathing, doing this in the morning will just change the direction of your day adding positive vibes and eternal happiness. Scientific studies have proven beyond doubt that Meditation changes the nerve fibre in the brain making it easier to cope up with mental issues.

The Akash element – Akash or Ether is the subtlest of all elements but has a major impact. Do you noticed how a musical vibration can make you sad or happy? That’s the power of Akash element. Listen to some instrumental classical music , it will instantly lift your mood up.

It is significant to nourish your mind, it can fill you up with positivity. It like cleansing your mind. Stay away from negative vibrations as much as possible instead welcome positivity. Take charge of your situation and consider this as an opportunity to get out stronger.

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