Importance of Punctuality

Punctuality means keeping to appointed or fixed hour. Nothing can stop the flow of time or call back a time that is past. So it is a most valuable thing. In order that no portion of this priceless thing may be wasted, people fix definite hours for definite works. In fact, a punctual man, however busy or engaged, finds time for more work still. An unpunctual man, on the other hand, far from doing much, cannot finish his normal duties even.

A student who comes late to his class misses a part of the lesson that day and also causes disturbance to others. An unpunctual officer upsets the day’s programme not only of his own self, but also of those who have dealings with him. That is why unpunctuality produces such a bad impression on the minds of others.

People still find public or private engagements beginning work much behind the appointed time. This has to be remedied if people are to keep pace with the modern world.

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