In past few years indian gaming community has witnessed the massive growth like the players , viewer’s and gaming organization have increased in india so far. There are several games that had boosted up pace of gaming in india like the CS:GO , CLASH ROYALE , CLASH OF CLANS , PUBG MOBILE , FREE FIRE ETC.
The gaming in past couple of years has grown as the international organisations are also starting to invest in IGC. The different games also organised their official tournaments and leagues in india. Recognition of Indian players in different gaming tournaments has started as indian players are now participating and showing their skills in the games like Pubg mobile , cs:go and valorant etc.
In the early stages like three years ago there have been many india only based tournaments of games like clash royale , counter strike and clash of clans but the main boost has been given by pubg mobile the craze of this game in india is at the top . In very little it has surpassed all the other games and established its market. The krafton the mother company of the game has also organised many national and international tournaments like the PMIS ,PMSC PMCO PMPL AND PMWL ETC.
Due to this there are many players who had come from bottom to the top due to the interest of audience in the game. Now indian parents are also considering gaming as a career for their child . As now professional gamer or eSports athletes can have that life they dreamed of . Now different gaming organisations has also started to invest in india like TSM , Fnatic , Oxygen , Galaxy racers etc not only in pubg mobile but in other games also like valorant coc and counter strike .
After the pubg mobile ban in india there is a disappointment in mind of gamers as the teams which had qualified for world league are not allowed to participate in it But the scenario has changed now people had shifted to other games by respecting the government decisions . The games like free fire and valorant has attracted many audience towards them and after pubg mobile ban the gamers had understand one thing that IGC is not just dependent on one game . We cannot stop at it there are many competitive games where we can make our career as well. Other games are also recognising India as upcoming gaming hub . So they had also started to invest in it and organising tournaments like free fire world league and valorant world league .
In india there is huge market for the mobile games as everyone cannot afford the gaming PC . So the gaming officials has also started to provide games in mobile version like apex legends mobile , valorant mobile , counter strike mobile etc because they know that they cannot get such huge audience for mobile games as compared to india . India is now in a phase that has started to recognise eSports as a career . You can enter in IGC not only as a player but also you can be a catser , analyst , team manager , coach etc
Now india is making its own towards an era where a gamer can make his own house and maintain a lifestyle . As many have already done like some big names now in Indian gaming community i.e total gaming , dynamo gaming , mortal , scout , jonathan etc . They have gathered massive audience by streaming there games live on YouTube and they are very much successful in life . They inpsire many people who wants come in this industry. So gaming has changed many life’s as of now it’s just one thing that we have to understand is that this can also be your option for career as well .

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