Pandemic effects on Education

The emergence of corona virus has led the world to an unprecedented public health crisis. Emergency protocols were implemented to control the speed of virus which resulted in restrictions of all non-essential public movements which includes the closure of educational institutions. This paved way for the rapid change in the mode of learning i.e. from physical learning to online mode of learning. Online mode of education has changed students a lot. It has both positive and negative effects on education.


The first thing is students were able to continue their studies in spite of pandemic which could not be possible if this problem arise before 10 years. They were able to access their education from home itself.

Through online education students were able to enrich them with different skills and develop their knowledge up to date.

They could a get a new experience through virtual classrooms.

Not only online classes they were also able to test their knowledge through online tests, assignments, etc.


Students health is mainly spoiled because of online education. Sitting in front of laptops and mobiles for hours cause severe effects to their eyesight. They may also suffer from headaches, backpain due to sitting in same posture for long hours.

Moreover students from rural areas were not able to learn online during this pandemic due to lack of smartphones and poor internet connectivity.

Even when virtual classrooms are arranged to students online we do not know how many students are listening to the class.

When online tests are kept some students take advantage and cheat in the tests.

Some students are not able to submit their tests in online within the required time due to poor internet connectivity and loose their marks.

Students also forget the habit of reading books because of online education.

Also students do not prepare sincerely to test and exams as it is online mode.

Not only students, teachers also are affected due to online classes. As online classes are scheduled only for a short period of time teachers are unable to explain the concepts clearly and they rush up during classes in order to finish the portions. They too are affected with health issues due to online mode of classes.

Therefore if this online education continues many students life will gets spoiled. Of course online education has added benefits, but also with some negative effects. So we ourselves must take responsibility and utilize this online education properly.

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