For days now, American animal rights organisation PETA has been targeted Indian dairy brand Amul, asking them to switch to plant based milk and dairy products. Responding to this appeal,  managing director of the GCMMF, RS Sodhi that who will provide employement to the 100 million people of the country, who are dependent on the dairy sector if compony stops using milk.

PETA reasoned it as non-dairy food products are made from plants grown on Indian farms, thus providing a solid, sustainable market for farmed goods. It is to be noted here, however, that India is not known as a major producer of the primary crops from which plant-based milks are currently made – Almonds & Soya – while it is far and away the biggest producer of milk in the world. 

After few days of this case Amul’s vice chairman Valamji Humbal urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban PETA India and accused it of attempting to ruin the livelihood of people. Responding to allegations PETA India’s CEO Dr Manilal Valliyate said “ No amount of bullying is going to change the fact that vegan eating is taking the world by storm,”

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