Which covid vaccine is better in India?

   In this article,  you could know the full details about the coronavirus, its  preventive measures and about the best vaccine. 

    Due to covid-19 virus,  many countries came forward to discover vaccine against this deadly virus which is destroying many people lives  and suppressing many countries economy. This deadly virus was first identified in Wuhan, China in 2019. This disease has spread all over the world and still we are in the pandemic situation. 

What is this covid-19?

It is otherwise known as corona virus. It is a contagious disease caused by  severe acute respiratory syndrome  coronavirus 2 which is called as SARS-CoV-2. Still doctors don’t know  whom they should treat first and how ? Many researches are taking place by the organizations across the world.  This virus spreads by the  respiratory droplets and airborne particles of the infected person to the healthy person when they inhales it  and also through  things used by the infected persons.   The incubation period of covid-19 is basically 14 days of exposure. This disease is diagnosed by rRT-PCR testing,  CT scan , Rapid antigen test.  once you exposed to the virus,  the symptoms includes fever, cough,  loss of smell or taste, fatigue, vomiting, dysentery. In some cases asymptomatic. Once you find any symptoms among those , you check a doctor immediately or take the diagnostic test.

     If you want to  prevent you from covid-19, then you maintain social distance,  wash your hands frequently with sanitizer,use highly protective masks. Then  improve your immunity by eating or drinking high energetic foods which contains vitamins.

     The bestest way to prevent you from this high deadly disease is vaccination. Yes, vaccination is the only solution to prevent you from this deadly virus. So many people in India came forward to vaccinate.  There are many new vaccinations are discovered across the world which are approved by WHO and  few are imported by the Indian government. Among these two vaccines Covaxin and Covishield many people in India have this  rhetorical question that which one is best and effective?

Here is the answer for your question to findout the differences between these two  vaccines and so you can understand which one is better according to your knowledge.  Take a glimpse at these passages given below.


    Covaxin is an inactivated virus developed by Bharat Biotech in association with Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and National Institute of Virology (NIV). It is similar to the inactivated polio vaccine.   The vaccine is developed by using the whole- viron inactivated vero cell derived technology.  This vaccine cannot infecte the person, but the inactivated viruses trigger immune response against the active virus. The scheduled time interval between the doses is 4 -6  weeks. According to the intrem of the 3rd phase trial results the efficiency of the covaxin is 81%.


   Covishield has been developed by Oxford – Astrazeneca which is locally produced by Serum Institute of India. It is prepared by using viral vector modified technology.  This vaccine is the weakened version of common cold virus  or the adenovirus found in Chimpanzees which has been modified to look like coronavirus. So that it can  induce antibodies in the body and attacks the virus when it enters the body. The same technology has been used to prepare vaccine against  Ebola virus. The scheduled time interval between the doses is 12 to 16 weeks. As per the global reports , the efficiency of the vaccine is 90%.

     Both the vaccines are administered of 0.5ml in the  upper arms . Both can be stored at  2 to 8 degree centigrade in the normal refrigerator. So it is very easy for the Indians to preserve. Both the vaccines can be injected into the people  above 18 years of age.

    Now you all can understand about the full details of covid-19 and the efficiency of both the vaccines. Now, you all come to know which one will be best for your  health according to your knowledge.

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