Biopesticides is a formulation made from naturally occurring substances that control pests by non toxic mechanisms and in an ecofriendly manner. They are generally derived from natural sources like plants like chrysanthemum and some micro organisms like Bacillus thuringiensis, etc. Biopesticides are generally less toxic to the user.

Advantages of Biopesticides:

Inherently less harmful.

They are generally designed to affect only one specific pest or, in some cases, a few target organisms.

Biopesticides are effective in very small quantities and often decompose quickly. This also avoids major pollution problems.

Due to usage of biopesticide in crops it is also difficult to insects to develop resistance against these natural pesticides.

These are cheaper, renewable and can be handled easily.

So let us promote the use of bio-pesticides in our agricultural fields. It also gives us healthy food products from fields whereas sometimes the use of chemical pesticides can have a worse effect on crops. Therefore use biopesticides for good yield of crops and healthy food products.

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