India records lowest daily Covid 19 cases after 2 months

As per reports India recorded lowest no. of daily Covid cases after 2 months: After two months of period, a steady drop is observed in the second wave of the deadly pandemic for four consecutive weeks across the country. On Sunday, about 1,01,237 new cases were reported and about 2,400 deaths were observed across the country. With about 1 lakh new cases across India on Sunday, daily covid cases in the country dropped to lowest number since the last two months, depicting the country’s turnaround and good results amid the deadly life taking second wave.

On Sunday with 1,01,237 new cases and with about 2400 deaths the total number of confirmed cases reached to 28.9 million, and no. of deaths reached to about 3,49,000 as per Covid 19 dashboard. While the daily cases were reported lowest since 4 April i.e. two months, the deaths were also reported very low. The deaths were reported lowest since April 22 i.e. lowest past one and half month. The day was noted as a good day in terms of India’s good results amid the deadly COVID-19 second wave.

A steady decline of Covid 19 cases amid pandemic was observed in past 4 weeks across the country. A region’s Covid 19 curve which is denoted by the seven-day average of new infections reported in the country had touched a peak of 3,91,819 cases on 9 May. But it has been dropped now to 1,23,232 cases a day since last week. It signifies a massive drop of about 68% from the peak, as noted by reports.

Many health officials also gave some positive statements regarding this drop in cases since last week. A senior health ministry official said that “The second wave is stabilising or we can see is localised at the moment as from at least 500 districts reporting nearly 100 or more daily new cases in May, the number has come down to around 250 districts as on date. Most districts have shown substantial decrease in numbers since the peak was observed May 7, and hopefully the numbers will go down further in days to come,” As per the reports by government officials, only five states constituted two-thirds of all new Covid cases in the country now. The Union health ministry informed about this in a recent press briefing related to Covid 19. In the briefing, Mr. Lav Agarwal said “Among our new reported cases, 66% are effectively being reported from just five states, which is a sign to suggest we have managed to contain the disease transmission in a localised area,”

On Sunday, health ministry acknowledged the country’s fight against the deadly virus. It said “This is a result of collaborative and sustained efforts by the Centre and states, Union territories following the “whole of Government” approach… The country’s active caseload has dipped below 15 lakh mark… The caseload is below 20 lakh for seven successive days,” A drop in daily positivity rate has also been observed which is a result of increased checking of Covid cases as per experts.