Netflix vs Amazon Prime

Let’s see about Netflix versus Amazon Prime, comparing and finding out which video streaming service is the best. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the two powerhouses of online movie and TV streaming. They both contain and produce a huge number of shows between them with distinct libraries that give you pretty much all the viewing you need. But for those of you who can only pick one which is better, here we look at several factors comparing Netflix and Amazon Prime- price, TV and movie catalogs and accessibility among other things and decide which one is the best.

Probably the most important thing to compare is the actual size and quality of both services, catalogs of movies and TV shows. After all if you’re not interested in what’s offered , then it’s not worth paying for it. If this were a pure numbers game then Amazon prime would be the winner with the total of 53,000 movies available to watch on its service as of April 2020 according to instant watcher. Netflix by contrast only has 3,432. But the numbers don’t tell the full story.

Out of Prime’s fifty three thousand movies, forty six thousands of them are not rated, which often means that a film is too obscure to have received ratings from MPAA. It can also mean the given movie was too explicit for the senses but that’s relatively rare on Prime and there is much of to put it mildly low-quality fillers on Amazon prime. Netflix doesn’t have a single unrated movie in its catalog, which suggests there’s little more quality control going on there. Amazon Prime also has over 13,000 sessions of TV to Netflix is 2,795, but when it comes to famous shows it’s pretty neck and neck.

Amazon Prime has shows like The Sopranos, The Boys , Future Armor and Fleabag. Netflix meanwhile has Stranger things, Riverdale, Black Mirror , Breaking Bad and more. Lists really go on both sides with tons of great content old and new. Prime video also has a growing library of sports content it’s small for now, but for sports fans it’s something worth keeping an eye on future, so ignore the number. There’s quality on both sides here, while it’s largely a matter of personal taste. Foe me, Netflix collections edges out that of Prime in terms of both quality movies and TV. Prime video does have a huge and high quality rental library going for it, but you don’t actually need to be a subscriber to access that but this can be a big, Amazon Prime video can come with quite a few benefits.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime – Price

With Netflix the payment model is pretty simple, there are three tires of Netflix price plans and it’s not a bad value for what you get. With Amazon Prime on the one hand, you can access the Prime video library for $8.99 month or $99 per year. You get the full Amazon Prime subscription which includes superfast Amazon Prime delivery access to a large library of e-books with Kindle unlimited. Amazon Prime videos really works out to be great value for the money as part of a border Amazon Prime subscription. If however, you’re not likely to use those extra Prime benefit, the Netflix catalog is arguable better.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime – Accessibility

Here’s the thing, Netflix is so rampantly popular that the app is often ready baked into smart TVs streaming sticks nd game consoles with many TV remotes even featuring a dedicated Netflix button to jump straight into it. This isn’t the case with the Amazon Prime video app, though some older models of smart Tv don’t have the app in terms of browsing libraries. Neither service makes terribly convenient to search by genre which would be welcome. Netflix and Prime just about edges it having a search bar where you can type in films, genres or actors you’re looking for.

In terms of a quality collection of TV and video, for me Netflix steals the show as it continues to produce award-winning TV shows and movies and Prime video has its share of top quality stuff too and a bigger library.

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