Reasons to LOVE cooking

Cooking is an acquired life skill. As important it is to know how to cook, it is also fun! Added to that, many people consider cooking as a therapeutic technique, as it is good for your mental well-being. It encourages you to be creative and experiment with different ingredients. It is a way to express yourself, and a way to communicate. It is how you also take care of your family, friends, and loved ones and the positive feedback you get afterward boosts your self-esteem. Baking also is said to reduce stress and anxiety as according to psychologists it triggers our senses of smell, touch, and taste. Isn’t it great to know that the process does so much for you too, apart from the tasty cake you get to eat at the end? Here are a few reasons to love cooking, if you already aren’t in love with it!

It is a way to connect with your loved ones – Who doesn’t love a hearty meal? People tend to bond better over food, which keeps them together. So when you cook for your family and friends, they love it, they appreciate you for the effort and this, in turn, makes your relationship with them stronger. There is also a fun saying that goes – ‘The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach’. If you know how to cook for your loved ones and serve them their favourite meals then you will definitely bond better with them.

It is a way to learn, explore, create – Cooking has no rules! You can always play around with your favourite ingredients, splurge your creativity and come up with new dishes every day. Cooking is a learning process, with practice comes perfection. You can explore different cuisines and cultures and cook them most authentically or even add your personal twist. This makes you the artist and allows you to be creative and ingenious.

Better physical and mental health – Cooking cannot replace your workouts but does involve a lot of physical activities. You are on your toes, be it while chopping or stirring, or baking. You move around more than you would when you just sit at the table waiting for the food you ordered. Added to that, cooking is considered as a therapy where it has shown to reduce stress and anxiety, as it increases levels of dopamine in the brain. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, and provides a getaway when you are feeling too overwhelmed.

It’s a way to eating healthy and nutritious food – Studies have shown that when people tend to eat the food they cooked, they consume lesser calories and eat better food. When you cook your own meals you also make sure to use fresh ingredients, prepare it more hygienically and also control the use of spices, oil, etc. which makes it much better and healthier than a meal ordered from outside.

It is a way to get compliments – We all love to get praised, especially by the people who are close to us. When you cook a meal that is tasty and healthy, you are bound to be appreciated for the effort and hard work. It is a great motivation to learn cooking and also keep mastering the skill. The next time you cook something and get to hear – “This is delicious”, it will surely leave a huge smile on your face!

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