“Safe food today for a healthy life ” – WFSD Theme

   ‘Food safety involves every body in the food” said by Chain – Mike Johanns. Yes, today is World Food Safety Day.  Though we are with in the pandemic situation,  it is more important for everyone to consume safe and health good to steer a disease free live. Thus day helps to create awareness among the people by keeping status or sharing information through whatsapp and Instagram or Facebook .

It was first adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2018 and announced that on every year June 7th will be celebrated as world Food Safety Day under the theme of ” Food Safety, everyone’s business “.  Along with WHO, Food and Agricultural Organizations of United Nations requested the member states to take effort to celebrate world Food Safety Day on the same year and upcoming years. All the intergovernmental organizations noted the sufferings of  children and below poverty people with the food borne disease through out the world and later it came into an effect.  Food borne diseases are  caused by bacteria,  viruses,  parasites which became toxic food. World Food Safety Day is celebrated every year on June 7th  to create awareness among people about the food borne disease, to prevent and promote good health to the people. 

There are 600 million people  round the word which is almost 1/10 th of the people in the world falls ill per annum after eating the contaminated foods and waters. It is not only caused by food but also by water.  Many people in the undeveloped countries may not have the pure water to drink . Many children under 5 years of age carries 40% of food borne disease which results in 1,25,000  deaths per annum all over the world. 

The world Health Assembly passed a resolution  to scale back the burden of food  borne disease globally. UN believes that this might help the people to understand about what is contaminated food and the way food can stay safe at the every stage of food chain. They are educating people about the food borne disease.  Hygiene is the best way to keep the foods clean. Food Safety is not only governments responsibility or duty ,but it is for the producers and the  consumers. As a human beings , it is our responsibility to ensure that the food we consume is good and healthy. Safe food can improve health and nutrition,  school attendance and earning potential.

World Food Safety Day 2021 theme:

The theme for this year is ” safe food today for a healthy tomorrow ” which means the production and consumption of a safe and secure food  will have immediate and long term benefit for the people, economy of the country and to the planet.  World Health Organization also said that ” recognizing the systematic connections between the health of the people,animals,  environmental,  plants and economy will help us meet the needs of future. Centers for Disease Control Prevention suggested that  proper food safety should be followed by everyone.

Wash your hands before preparing the food and before eating the food. Wash vegetables or raw foods before cooking it . The 4 C’s which makes your good food hygiene is Cleaning, Cooking, Cross contamination, Chilling, Contact.

Eat good food and stay healthy

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