Twitter’s upcoming badge- Super Follows

According to an online report , it has been revealed that one the famous social media platforms Twitter is coming up with a new badge called Super Follows. It will enable the users to charge followers and offer them with some extra contents.

App researcher Jane Manchung Wong, took to the tweeter sharing some screenshoots which revealed the appearance of the new upcoming paid feature of this app.

According to Wong, Super Follows will be applicable for only those users, who have maintained at least 10,000 followers and have posted 25 tweets with the past 30 days and are above 18 years.Wong has also mentioned about a list of content categories that will be used by the Super Follows users. The list holds categories such as – adult content, Only Fans, Facebook, Substack, Patreon , Twitch and You Tube.

As the users of the Super Follows will be able to access some exclusive contents , so they will be charged with $4.99 monthly.

Twitter may also come up with a new Cash button for Tipping, that will be named as ‘Tip Jar’. When the Tip Jar feature will be activated , its icon is expected to appear next to the follow button on the user’s follow page. On tapping that icon , it will open access to a list of payment services or platforms that has been enabled in the account.

Twitter also clams that its new Blue Ticks mechanism rollout will be considered as the next milestone to their plans as it will provide more transparency, credibility and clarity verification on twitter.

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