A Debating Society

A debating society is one in which two different sets of people argue on a particular topic, one in favour of it and the other against. The topic is announced in advance so that the competitors may come prepared with their points on the date fixed. After both the blocks have advanced their argument in favour of and against the proposal, the Judge sums up the arguments and closes the debate with his own view.

A debating society is very necessary for school and college students. To win the debate they have to consult different books and acquire up to date information on the different aspects of the subject fixed. Then they have to think deeply over the information they have acquire, pick out the important points and arrange them logically and systematically. This increases not only their knowledge but also the power of thinking and reasoning.

A debating society also helps the students to get over their initial nervousness and speak fluently and effectively. It teaches them also to accept defeat with composure and thus win the respect of even their opponents.

So a debating society is a must for every school and college because it enables the students to have their first lessons in public speaking and oratory.

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