The healthcare workers are the biggest wall for us against the fight of the pandemic. They cure us, cry for us, fight for us and would do anything just to save a life. Before a doctor begins his/her journey many of them take an oath to always serve mankind. Like soldiers, without whom our countries would not be safe today, Without healthcare workers, we would not have been able to beat the second wave of the pandemic.

Are they safe? No. That is the harsh truth and reality. A death on a doctors hand looks like a crime in the eyes of the family. Even if the worker tried everything to save the individual it just is not into their control after a point. This cannot be blamed on them as they are mere humans too. The mere fact that they risk everything to treat an infected person is supposed to show the amount of dedication of the professionals. Recently, there has been a huge uprising of violence against doctors and it is shameful to see so. People retaliate on doctors, nurses, hospitals blaming them for the deaths of their family members and relatives. This severely causes a mental trauma and affects their future careers massively.

The IMA approached PM Narendra Modi to deal with the problem as only by ensuring the safety of doctors can India completely fight against the virus. They also demanded for protections and Safe workspaces which could work peacefully. The offenders would and should be severely punished. They also demanded for the acknowledgment of the doctors who were martyrs in this fight against the virus with us. It is our duty as citizens to make sure that they are safe and are able to work efficiently.

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