Chinese created the virus : Study

Let’s take a look at the top story of an exclusive new study claims that Chinese scientists created Covid-19 in lab and in a bit to cover the tracks , they tried to reverse engineering versions of the virus to make it look like it evolved naturally from bats. The research paper written by Professors claimed that they have had prima facie evidence of retro engineering in China for a year. However their findings were ignored by academics and major journals. The allegations in the study include accusations of deliberate destruction concealment or containment of data at Chinese labs.

The research also found unique fingerprints in coronavirus samples that according to the researchers might have arisen from manipulation in the laboratory, not only this it also notes the silence and the disappearance of scientists in the Communist country especially those who spoke out. The journal article obtained by Daily mail comes to a time when a lot of experts have denied the origins of Covid-19 other than natural infection leaping from the animals to humans. Now while analyzing the origin of Covid-19 last year, Dalgleish and Sorenson discovered unique fingerprints in the virus that according to them could only have arisen from manipulation in a laboratory. There’s a new evidence for the world to consider now and this cannot be dismissed as a mere rumor. It comes from the files of the US intelligence community. An American newspaper has published the findings. We’ve heard of something during Trump administration last year, the US department had issued a fact sheet it claimed that several Chinese researchers in the Wuhan Institute of Virology fell sick in the autumn of 2019 and that they showed symptoms consistent with the Wuhan virus. This findings suggest the virus was in circulation well before december and if the virus was spreading before december then the Wuhan market cannot be called the Original epicenter of the pandemic. Both of these suspicions are shared by the investigators who went to Wuhan.

This week American President Joe Biden ordered the intelligence community to re-examine how the virus originated including the lab accident theory. Speaking in Geneva, WHO emergency chief Dr. Michael Ryan said that it would take multiple studies and multiple trips to determine the original source of the Coronavirus. In an interview, Michael Ryan said that they believe they can make more progress especially with the support of members of states and the support of scientists working in a positive manner and added that they need Governments to work together so that the work can be done successfully.

The announcement followed the revelation that a previously undisclosed intelligence report has been made to the White house claiming that several researchers at the Wuhan Institute were hospitalized with illness in november of 2019.

China denied to provide the raw data on early Covid cases to WHO team. If nobody fell ill in Wuhan lab why is China not sharing data from there? what is it hiding in this lab? Who asked for safety logs and lab records of the Wuhan Institute of Virology . Data that specifically talks about it’s extensive research on coronaviruses in bats. The Wuhan lab had collected samples and conducted studies , that’s where the suspicion rises.

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