How to get a job in a pandemic?

These are unprecedented times and the unemployment rates have shot up more than ever. Work from home is now a very familiar term. As the offices are closed you can find internships/part-time jobs/full-time jobs if you have relevant skills. As many companies are turning towards hiring freeze and lay-offs, you can utilize this time in building up your skills and after acquiring these new skills you can then apply for a job. Competition in our country is very high due to the huge population, but acquiring useful skills and being good at them could land you a job.

These are a few points that could help you if you’re looking for a job/internship:

  1. Decide on what type of job you want based on what skills you have, whether it is technical, creative writing, or related to social media or any other skill.
  2. Search for jobs on trustworthy websites, websites that are used by many people and which have a good rating. Otherwise, you could get scammed because there are many fake employers out there who extort money.
  3. If you are looking for just experience and want to work for a good cause, you can look up certain NGOs that are hiring. They do not pay but they give certificates and you get to have experience.
  4. A resume is the first thing that an employer considers. Create a resume that can impress the employer, add your skills, achievements, education, contact details to the resume.
  5. The next step, if you clear the resume round, is the interview round. This is the most important round; you have to prepare for it beforehand. Practice your speaking skills by standing in front of a mirror and talking. Prepare a few questions that are generally asked in interviews.
  6. If you clear the interview round you will get selected for the job and you could ask them for the offer letter.
  7. But if you don’t get a reply from the employer or you get rejected, don’t get disheartened, apply for other jobs.
  8. You can also develop new skills, there are many online courses available on a wide range of skills and topics. You can earn a certificate of completion of a new skill and you can also add it to your resume.
  9. You can also look for start-ups and new businesses in your area, and you can approach them personally and work there. They might pay less in the beginning but as the business progresses your salary also goes up.
  10. If you have enough resources, great ideas, and intelligent plans then you can build your start-up, it requires a lot of effort, great teamwork so your ideas and planning skills should be great.
  11. You can also teach kids who live near your house or kids who are not able to pay much to attend tuitions. Charge a very minimal amount to them and teach as many students as you can, this way you are also doing good for society.

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