Importance of training and internships

Every human being born on Earth have a destined goal in their life. To pursue that goal we undergo lots of training through education, etc. First training is we undergo through school education which is the base for everything. Through this training we decide what field to choose to continue our career. That particular field is chosen in our college and our education continues. In college we may come across different types of activities, trainings, workshops, internships, etc. which gain us more knowledge and experience. We must never hesitate to take part in these kind of events which gives us a prior experience before we get into a job of our choice.

                        First let us try to understand the meaning of training. Typically training has different meanings. We can explain training as developing one’s skills and knowledge in a specific field at a particular period of time. Training has specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance. Training not only teaches us subject specific knowledge but also the skills which helps us throughout our life. Training will be given by professionals who are experts in that particular field. We can undergo these type of trainings during our college days itself, so that it will be easier for us to enter a job after our graduation. It’s not that we have to spend time and go for a class for this training. Nowadays online trainings are most likely to be preferred by college students. As online training is handy we can take our flexible time to enrich our training in the particular field. Some online trainings even gear up our skills through doubt solving sessions, quizzes, online tests, assignments, etc. We also get a certificate of completion after we complete our training which we can add up to our resume. So trainings are most important sector in our career. It will be very useful for us even during our interviews. It doesn’t mean that we must undergo training only in our specific field . We can also train ourselves through other fields of interests which may add on our skills. Considering today’s world, competitors are more than we imagine, so we must be skilled enough to today’s technology and science.

                                 The importance of training thrills us, right? Yes, so let us make use of opportunity during our college days in the way of trainings to enrich our skills.

                                Next comes the internships. An internship is the period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period of time. During an internship we actually work for a company based on the role specified to us. Remember trainings and internships are not the same. During a training we actually study about a particular field and enrich our knowledge, whereas in an internship we execute our skills learnt through a job role given to us. So training and internship are related to one another but not the same. Both of it are important in our career.

                             Internships can also be done in our college days. While applying for an internship we must research well about the company we are applying for and the role vacant for the internship. We must look forward what type of a skilled person the company is looking for. We must apply only when we are capable of everything mentioned by the company for the internship. Internships helps us to build the skills of a employer of a company before we actually go for a job. It can also add our chances to get selected in a company and shows our interest in that fields if we have prior experience through trainings and internships. Internships with stipend is also available. Internships can be done both offline and online. It depends on our interest and sometimes based on the field we are applying for.

                         We must just not apply to one internship and wait for it’s reply. We must apply to more internships as much as we can, as more number of applicants also would have applied for the same internships we go for. So it is better to apply for more number of internships. When we get hired for an internship we must give our best to the tasks assigned to us and also execute our skills to the fullest. It may impress the employer and add our chances to get a permanent job in that company. So let us make use of internships to brush up our skills up to date.

                                 The importance of trainings and internships are most important stepping stones of our career. Achieving our goal isn’t a easy thing. We must undergo many hardships to pursue our goal. Internships and trainings doesn’t come at your hand at once. We must go in search of it, choose it and make it useful for us. Nowadays everything is available in internet which is easy for us to search and choose. So let us make use of the time given to us to enrich our skills and pursue and goals.      

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