Due to the recent development of the pandemic, there was an incident when dead bodies were buried in the sacred river of India, the Ganga. Due to the extreme shortage of burial sites and crematoriums people chose to pollute this river by depositing the bodies of COVID inflicted people. Due to this there might have been a small question in a lot of our minds, does the river contain the virus now? It might seem stupid but there has been a lot of research going on now on the water of the most holy river. The research is being conducted in phases and the samples are being collected from a lot of sites which numbers to be around 13. The study is being performed by the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research which is under the CSIR or Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research. As this river has been a constant source for human use and drinking, this has been of high concern to the public and the government.

Even though the virus cannot thrive in such adverse conditions as the habitat of the river, a study is being conducted to make sure all the actions are taken aptly by the governments. Due to such harsh times, people were forced to take very rushed decisions and one of those decisions is the one mentioned above. This is not tolerated as whatever happens our resources should never be exploited unnecessarily which in turn is now causing havoc for human life itself. Is the river still pure? Maybe, Maybe not. There have been a lot of incidents previously which has already ruined the quality of water. By this incident, it just became worse. So I would personally say, No, River Ganga is not the same pure river it used to be and now instead it harbors a lot of microbes such as E.Coli and others. This should be taken into high alert as the number of people depending on the river is not very less and their lives could be at stake.

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